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Test Prep

SAT and ACT preparation above and beyond

No one knows the SAT and ACT better than I do, and in the last 29 years, no one has gotten better results.


My personal tutorial supplements the material in my best-selling books McGraw Hill's SAT and 6 Practice SATs with College Hill Coaching's vast proprietary resources to create a personal learning experience for every student.  

PSAT/MMSQT Preparation - 9-15 hours

PSAT11 (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) preparation typically begins in the summer prior to the junior year, and consists of 6 to 10 weekly sessions of 1.5 hours each, scheduled to accommodate any summer commitments the student may have. Students will complete at least 6 full-scale PSAT practice tests.

SAT/ACT Preparation - 16-24 hours

SAT/ACT Preparation typically begins 3 months prior to the student's first scheduled exam, and consists of 8-12 weekly session of 2 hours each. Most of my students take their first SAT/ACT in December of the junior year and therefore begin tutorial in September or October of junior year. All students should expect to complete daily homework assignments and complete at least 8 full-scale SAT/ACT practice tests.

Academic Tutorial - 36 hours

Academic tutorial in math, chemistry, or physics typically consists of weekly 1-hour sessions for each subject throughout the academic year. Academic tutorial is not merely "support," but rather performance training so that students can achieve at their highest ability. I provide academic tutorial in mathematics (through AP and advanced calculus), physics (through AP), and chemistry.

One-on-One Test Preparation Programs
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